Personal Description


Since school has started we have learned in Honors Spanish 1 how to describe ourselves and how to describe others in spanish. This assignment is helpful for us so that we can test ourselves to see if what we understood  and can use what we learned correctly. It test if we use the adjectives properly , say what we like to do, describe others, and use the verbs when referring to someone.  Being able to use what we’ve learned helps us to be able to describe someone and introduce ourselves or someone else using masculin/feminine adjectives or verbs. It helps us be able to have a conversation in spanish and have the other person understand what we are trying to say and this will help us in the future. I choose Rapunzel, Riley Matthews, Annabeth Chase, and Hermione Granger  because I think they all describe me in some way.

Yo soy Beyonca. Yo soy creativa,cómica,inteligente,leal,honesto y optimista. Me gusta a dibujar,bailar, dormir, leer y pasar tiempos con amigos.



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